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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does TrafficForce Let Advertisers Use A Bidding System?

Yes, the TrafficForce platform is a simple bidding system that allows the highest bidder to receive as much traffic as they wish to obtain and subsequent traffic to be sent to the next highest bidder in bid priority order. You will be sent all traffic to the limit of your investment until your campaign ends or another buyer becomes the new highest bidder.

2. What Kind Of Traffic Is Available Right Now From TrafficForce?

Premium clicked traffic from websites and mobile devices is available right now. More specifically, the clicks are generated by displaying your visual advertisement in the form of banners and pop-under marketing materials on any of our source websites.

3. How Is Premium Traffic Better Than Other Brokered Traffic?

Premium traffic from TrafficForce comes directly from within our own network of quality sites and remains under our editorial control. For that reason, the ad impressions and click traffic sent by TrafficForce includes only real potential customers who intentionally chose to visit your site after viewing your ad materials. The conversion ratio of clicked traffic is significantly higher than any unclicked feeder traffic or low quality traffic from services brokering ads on sites that may be entirely unregulated.

4. Are There Any Minimum CPM Prices Set In The System?

Yes. Minimum bids are set based on the specific site, ad zone and country of origin. For more information please enter the TrafficForce admin site and review the full list of prices displayed in your ad management control panel.

5. What Payment Methods Are Accepted For Traffic Campaigns?

We accept Paxum, Google Checkout or Wire as standard forms of payment. You can make Paxum and Google payments directly inside your ad management control panel, and in most cases the funds are added instantly, wire payments take 2-5 days depending on where the funds are sent from and the banking institutions involved in the transaction. If alternate payment methods are needed, please contact us to discuss your specific goals.

6. Does TrafficForce Allow Campaign Budgeting?

To protect our advertisers and provide the highest level of cost certainty, TrafficForce offers two levels of campaign budgeting. Campaign budgets can be set to end at a predefined cost and stop traffic for the entire campaign immediately. Daily budgets are also available to allows you to set a maximum number of impressions per day for any group in your campaigns, and in these instances the traffic stops until midnight (EST) when the limit amount is reset for the following day.

7. What Does CTR Mean And Why Is It So Important?

CTR means “Click thru ratio” and it is essential in determining the quality of your marketing materials. TrafficForce provides a number of page impressions for your ad. Your CTR is the percentage of clicks your ad gets from the total number of times it was visible to the audience. A 100% CTR would mean that every person who saw your ad clicked through to your target website. A 50% CTR would mean half the people who saw it, clicked it. The better your marketing materials are, the more clicks you will get from the same number of impressions. So having great ads is the best way to reduce the cost of your traffic and our staff can assist you with choosing creatives that will get you the best average cost per click.

8. Will TrafficForce Fully Manage My Traffic Campaigns For Me?

Our platform is built to give you full control over your entire marketing campaign. It is intended to be a self-service system that puts you in complete command of your own ad budget. Our staff will do our best to provide support and guidance, but the final decisions on how best to optimize your own ad campaigns in real time are always up to you.

9. Can I Buy Specific Ad Zones Exclusively?

Yes. The TrafficForce smart zone system allows you to place your ad exclusively on a per site or per ad zone basis. For more information on how find the zones you desire most, contact us and we will provide assistance as you get started.

10. What Does CPM Mean And How Much Traffic Is That Exactly?

TrafficForce operates on a CPM basis. CPM is defined as “Cost per mille,” which is the cost per 1,000 Ad Impressions. An Ad Impression is defined as each time your ad is displayed on any of source the sites in your campaign.

11. Where Can I See A List Of Website Sources To Buy Traffic From?

Inside the Traffic Force ad management control panel you are able to see a full list of the website sources and specific ad zones available.

12. How Long Does It Take To Get My Campaigns Approved?

Campaigns are approved during standard office hours - Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM EST. We do try to approve campaigns during 'off hours' and weekends when it can be done, but off hours approvals are never guaranteed and should not be expected. If you have a campaign you plan to initiate and have questions about specific ad approval or particular ad themes, please contact us to discuss your ideas in greater detail.

13. How Can I Monitor My Campaign Progress?

The TrafficForce ad management control panel dashboard shows you all of your live campaigns and allows you to optimize them in real time. You are in charge of everything that goes on with your campaigns and can optimize them at any time - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

14. What Kind Of Details Are Available In My Campaign Stats?

Campaign Stats include the number of impressions your campaigns have received, the buy values, clicks to your target, average CPC and much more. We are continually adding new metrics and evolving our feedback to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about each of your ad campaigns.

15. Can I Use iFrames For My Ad Content?

iFrame are a specific kind of ad format that can be arranged on a per account basis. If you would like to make use of iFrame marketing materials please contact us. Please note, the use of iFrame ads for advertisers are made by traffic force management, all decisions are final.

16. What Ad Formats Are Allowed By TrafficForce?

TrafficForce allows .gif and .jpg files. Each ad goes through a manual approval process and ads depicting anything illegal or to the potential detriment of our sites and other advertisers are denied/ You will find a list of ad regulations inside the ad management control panel. All decisions made by TrafficForce staff are final and you agree to abide by our discretion in all matters comprising the ad approval process. Please keep in mind, our strict approval process means that your ads will only be displayed beside other quality products and services, so your branding benefits directly from the fact that we manually approve each ad from your company and all other advertisers.

17. Does TrafficForce Provide Feeder Traffic For Resale?

TrafficForce is a premium traffic provider and specializes in quality marketing visibility for ad buyers seeking real convertible traffic. For that reason, TrafficForce does not accept ads for free sites, traffic brokers or resellers seeking to push volume to sites without direct monetization. It would be a tremendous waste of your resources to purchase high quality clicked premium traffic for purposes better served by diluted low quality sources. Our primary goal is for all of our clients to earn more than they invest in our services and one way we do that is by carefully approving each new ad campaign to be sure the traffic we are providing is capable of converting for our customer. We also want to make sure every time you buy traffic form TrafficForce, you are paying the absolutely lowest possible price. One way we do that is by preventing anyone else from reselling traffic from our sites.

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