About Us

By The Numbers

Traffic Force sells targeted web and mobile traffic on a CPM basis in our marketplace and through our Supply Side Platform which connects to more than 100 Demand Side Partners. We sell traffic through competitive bidding or openrtb. Connect your DSP to our platform and start bidding for auctions today.

Ad Serving Made Easy

We take the hard work out of buying advertising. Our easy to use platform puts full control of our traffic right at your fingertips. With advanced targeting, next generation analytical stats and 24/7 access, you can manage your campaigns efficiently and optimize for maximum ROI.

Powering TrafficForce

  • One of the world's leading Ad Server. Creatives served from a global CDN, with over 4,000 servers in 35 strategic locations.
  • Scalable. Fully redundant system spread over two continents. (USA and Europe)
  • High Quality Hardware. Only the best DELL servers with cutting-edge Intel Xeon processors.
  • Reliable. Proven technology serving over 15 Billion ad impressions per month. 24/7 monitoring of ad delivery speed and performance.

Mobile Ready

Traffic Force is fully mobile optimized. Manage your campaigns on the go, fund your account, check your spend and make sure you never have to miss out due to not being at your computer.

TrafficForce Gives You

  • Pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, flat rate, cost-per-action, and more
  • Rich media, in-text, video and mobile ad formats
  • Yield and inventory management
  • Full planning, tracking, and reporting features
  • Geo, time, and keyword targeting
  • Billions of impressions per month
  • Multiple languages
  • Mobile targeting
  • Flat rate traffic buying
  • Frequency capping